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Guide of The Baltics


What are The Baltic States?

The Baltic States, also known as the Baltic’s, are the three countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The capitals of Baltic countries are Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. The Baltic countries were formed in 1918 when they remained independent republics until their involuntary incorporation into the USSR in 1940. They gained their independence from the former USSR in 1991. Currently Baltic countries are members of European Union.

Where is Baltics?

Baltic’s are located in north-central Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea on the south of the Gulf of Finland and along the western border of the Russian Federation and Belarus. Take a closer look on the map of Baltic’s.

Are Baltic countries similar?

The Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are very different from each other, each country has its own language: Estonian, is a vowel-heavy Finno-Ugric tongue (closely related to Finnish, and distantly to Hungarian), Latvians and Lithuanians speak ancient Indo-European languages; Lithuanian is the closest living language to Sanskrit. Different national cuisine, somewhere similar and in the same time have very different traditions and culture, as well as unique and outstanding nature landscapes and historical attractions.

Is it cheap in Baltic’s?

Yes and No. The cost of many services, including Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping or car hire are comparable to prices in London or Stockholm, but in the same time are lower than prices in Helsinki. Night life entertainment places like Pubs or Bars may be not that expensive and according to Telegraph.co.uk Riga and Tallinn have one of the cheapest alcoholic drinks in eastern Europe for example in Riga Bottle of beer costs only € 2.64 / £2.01 or a Glass of white wine in Tallinn costs only € 3.81 / £2.90. Check out more

What is the best time to go to Baltic’s?

It’s possible to travel year around, Baltic climate gives the opportunity to enjoy leisure and explore the nature in all four seasons (winter, spring, and summer, autumn). The Baltic States are at their best between April and October, when days are warm and the nights are cool. The most popular time to visit would be the warmest time of the year – summer. Although Summer in Baltic’s ain’t that hot as you may imagine, average air temperature is around +19 C degrees and the highest in some days of the hottest month of summer – July may reach to +30 C degrees. In spring usually rains more that in summer, autumn are often foggy, little chilly and wet, the same in winter, although sometimes is snowy. Winters in Baltic’s are cold January is the coldest month with average daytime air temperature around -5°C and the lowest temperatures in some days may be far below zero, around -20°C.

Where to begin exploring Baltic’s?

For best exploring the Baltic’s or for first-timers should definitely visit capital cities of the Baltic States: Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn.  All three have very different historic city centers, architecture, a huge number of churches and cathedrals, many green parks and other tourist attractions.

Riga is the capital of Latvia, as well as Riga is the largest city in Latvia. The city of Riga was founded in 1201. The historic center of the city of Riga is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Riga thanks to its diverse architecture is a pearl of the Baltic’s. The city of Riga is filled with exquisite Art Nouveau architecture, medieval buildings in the old town, over 800 years old, Catholic Churches, and large green parks. Online Google Map of Riga

Tallinn Old Town, Estonia, Baltics

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and the largest city of Estonia. For the first time Tallinn as a village was mentioned in 1154. The Old Town of Tallinn is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Northern Europe. The medieval Old Town of Tallinn is filled with spectacular views of well-preserved architecture of the Hanseatic; the oldest buildings were built in the 11th century. Tallinn perfectly combines medieval and modern styles; only a short walk from the Old Town is a modern business center of Tallinn, with tall skyscrapers made of glass and steel. Online Google Map of Tallinn

Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania, Baltics

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and the largest city in Lithuania. Vilnius is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, for the first time Vilnius was mentioned written sources as a capital of Lithuania in 1323.Since then Vilnius is the most important industrial and cultural center of Lithuania for almost 700 years. The Old Town of Vilnius is included in the UNESCO  World Heritage list as the largest Old Town in Eastern Europe — 359,5 h. Vilnius Old Town is filled with rich history, amazing legends, magnificent architecture, monuments, beautiful nature, a huge number of churches and cathedrals, interesting buildings as well many other tourist attractions.  Online Google Map of Vilnius

Must visit in Baltic’s?

Definitely must visit cultural and gastronomic capital of the Baltic’s – Riga, what is the pearl of the Baltic’s thanks to its diverse architecture. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic’s what makes it huge priority of visiting. As well as medieval capital of Baltic’s – Tallinn with its Old Town full with spectacular views of well-preserved architecture of the Hanseatic. And the last, but not least, the second largest city in the Baltic’s – Vilnius what has the largest Old Town in Eastern Europe.

How to get around capitals?

For the first let’s say that it’s geographically convenient to visit all Baltic countries. There are many ways for travelling between the Baltic countries by airplane, by bus or by car. In Baltic’s is very good network of buses and airplanes ( airBaltic) linking the main towns. Taking a bus (Ecolines and Lux Express) is a great way to go from one capital to another it takes approximately 5h to get from Tallinn to Riga and another 5h to get from Riga to Vilnius. As well in Baltic’s is railway network (Latvia – LDZ Cargoldz.lv, Estonia – GoRailwww.gorail.ee; Lithuania www.Litrail.lt) , but there is no direct train that links capitals and its requiring a change of trains. In this case for travelling from Tallinn to Riga is required to take a train from Tallinn to Valga and after that change trains and go from Valga to Riga, what approximately takes at least 7h or 7h30 to get to destination point. Travelling around Baltic countries suits for day or overnight trips, it takes only a few days visit all three capitals. The car-hire comes as MUST for exploring countryside, but it won’t be a time saver, because of and quality of roads, except of the main highways what have quite good quality of roads, but still in Baltic’s are strict speed limits and photo radars.

How to get to Baltic’s?

There are various ways for travelling to Baltic country’s what mostly depend from the departure place. In Europe is very good network of buses and airplanes linking to the main cities. As well charter flights are always an option. In Baltic’s is Ferry’s network (Tallink) from several country’s that go to Baltic countries, from Helsinki to Tallinn, from Stockholm to Riga, and other roads. As well in Baltic’s is good railway network with direct trains from Russian Federation and Belarus to Baltic cities capitals. Taking the train from Moscow to Riga would be an overnight trip; it takes aprox. 16h to get from Moscow to Riga, although journey by train from Minsk to Vilnius would take around 4h.

Where to find more info about Baltic countries?

The national tourist boards and the official tourist information portals can give more details. Estonia www.visitestonia.com ; Latvia www.latvia.travel ; Lithuania www.lithuania.travel ;

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